Learning to “See” – Introduction

There is no such thing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure, and can only be discerned by purer eyes;

We cannot see it; but when our bodies are purified we shall see that it is all matter.”  (D&C 131:7-8)

In this post from my blog, I discussed how our human physical eyes only perceive about one ten-billionth of the information available to them – because our eyes are only able to comprehend a tiny sliver of the light spectrum. When you “see spiritually”, you are in part actually seeing more of this available spectrum; you are seeing matter that was previously not discernible by your eyes.


This scripture above says that if our eyes are “purified”, we can discern and see this matter we perceive as “immaterial”. We know that the glory of God is intelligence. So it makes sense that part of being purified includes gaining intelligence that helps us to perceive things that we do not yet see.

In the blog post above, I also shared how the Lord has taught me to see a portion of the light spectrum that most of us don’t yet perceive. Since that experience, He has taught me to better understand some of what I see, and He has also taught me to see more than what I saw initially, when I wrote that post. What I can see now, looks kind of like this:


I still see all the things I always have, I just see “more” now; I have more information. But that growth has come with prayer, and practice, and allowing the Lord to teach me, and implementing the things He has been teaching me.

Learning to “see” is not just about information we perceive with our eyes. The scripture above also points out that when our bodies are purified, we will “see” more. When you “see spiritually”, you may also be using the other four common senses beyond your typical range. This new information – or further light and knowledge, can evoke feelings of emotion that are present for us individually, as we receive light and knowledge. This video is an amazing compilation showing the beauty and overwhelming feelings of pure joy associated with “seeing” in a new way, for the first time, using the gift of hearing:

Learning to magnify and utilize the extent of our five physical senses is absolutely a spiritual experience. This further light and knowledge – or truth, that these people have received for the first time in this mortality, was an experience that brought them closer to God.

One of the things I intend to do with this website is teach how to extend and utilize your five senses. I won’t pretend to be an expert, I’m simply sharing some of the things the Lord has taught me, and I’m striving to do it in the ways He asks me to. Sharing these things here is one of the things He has asked me to do.


** Watch the first season of “Daredevil“; it’s available on Netflix. Watch that first season and pay close attention to the things he does using everything BUT his sight, and how he accomplishes them.

Learning to rend the veil, or “see spiritually”, also involves learning to use the senses we have beyond the five physical senses we are familiar with. Purifying our eyes and our bodies involves things we may not realize now, are part of the process.  It involves opening your mind to new concepts and allowing paradigms, idols, attachments, habits that hinder progression, and weaknesses to be stripped from you. It involves being “quickened” and “casting off this flesh” and “overcoming the natural man”. I also intend to share what the Lord has taught me about this part of “seeing” beyond the veil.

This section of my blog is replacing the “Points to Ponder” section, that hasn’t been very well organized (though I do recommend becoming acquainted with those posts). The concepts I write about may seem to be unrelated, or out of order, or outside a paradigm that is comfortable for you. I understand that – all of this was for me too. However, if you ponder the principles and concepts I share here, and take the time to explore these things on your own – beyond what I share, and if you practice and pray and involve the Lord in helping you to “magnify the talents” you were sent here with, I promise you, you will have overwhelming experiences like those in the video above – as you learn to “see” in ways you haven’t before.

ALL of these things I’ve discussed here and will discuss should be taken to the Lord. He will let you know if the things I teach are right for you, or if something else would teach you in a better way. There will be errors – as I am human, as are the people who have written or created the things I share. Any errors here are my own but the truths here are from the Lord. Please overlook my human mistakes and receive the messages the Lord wants you individually to receive. If there is nothing here for you, simply disregard it and leave it for those the Lord intends to receive it.

The principles and concepts I share are true. The Lord will help you to discern the things you personally need to receive, and the things you personally need to disregard. If the things discussed here are right for you to learn, then the Lord will expound upon them and help you overcome whatever doubt, disbelief, and unbelief you have that is preventing you from piercing the veil, and the pieces will begin falling into place, and making sense. Otherwise, He will lead you somewhere else – to what is best for you and in the best way for you to learn it. I encourage you to find whatever that is that the Lord wants to teach you individually.

These lessons will be posted under the “Lessons” tab, HERE.

I invite readers to leave questions and suggestions in the comments section. I can’t reply to everyone individually, but I will make an attempt to address those things that are brought up, in my posts.


6 thoughts on “Learning to “See” – Introduction

  1. How funny you should mention Daredevil! I just finished watching the whole season. I LOVED it! Thanks for starting this. I feel ready and in need of a change and it feels like something is coming in my personal life, but I’m not sure what and I want to be ready. I’m ready for growth. At least I think I am. LOL

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  2. Homework assignment 1, episode 1:
    1) listen to the voice – listen to the heart beat, pace and tempo
    2) pay close attention to the answers to questions, hear with intuition
    3) listen to everything, focus and center on the highest priority


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